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Nowadays, in addition to creating employment and wealth, companies have an ethical commitment to society. The companies of the future are founded on being socially responsible and environmentally aware, sharing their values with shareholders, employees, clients and suppliers. Our foundation works closely with companies who follow these principles and who know of and support our project.

How can I collaborate?

Sponsor or book a Psico Ballet show

The various Psico Ballet companies offer shows at events, congresses and corporate training sessions, and can adapt to the needs of each client.
Various corporations have collaborated in the production of different shows as financial donors for costume dressmaking or set-construction, etc.

Collaborating with the school

Through grants to low-income pupils and families or contributing to the purchase of educational class material.

Coaching for corporations

The constant evolution of the business world requires changing institutional attitudes in order to adapt to the new directions the market takes. The current market requires a more horizontal, participative and flexible organisation in which its employees acquire higher levels of responsibility and commitment to further the company's success. This search for success should emerge from employees' satisfaction with their work as they are fully aware that their objectives are aligned with those of the company.

The aim of corporate coaching must be to generate a change to mental maps, behavioural patterns and habits of each and every one of the participants. This change is not only brought about through rational means, in addition we must be capable of managing our emotions.

Motivation, self-improvement, teamwork and discipline are the motors with which we achieve excellence. These tools for optimised learning, channelled through Fundación Psico Ballet's own artistic and innovative artistic methodology have been extrapolated to the business world.

This methodology seeks to:

  • Encourage talent through learning and motivation at work.
  • Overcome obstacles and difficulties.
  • Obtain personal growth by improving effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Promote ideas, participation and innovation.
  • Acquire willingness and confidence.
  • Evaluate personal and professional ethics.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of teamwork.
  • Promote the pursuit of common goals by the whole workforce.
  • Evaluate the importance of the different capabilities that each person brings to the group: excellence is based on individual efforts to achieve a common goal.

Fundación Psico Ballet's coaching works through experiential workshops covering three lines of action:

  • Leadership. Team and talent management.
  • Team Building. Overcoming obstacles, common goals, innovation.
  • Self-awareness and personal growth.

The effectiveness of the model is based on offering participants an experiential-based approach which aims to develop the values and capacities which we all have to a larger or lesser degree: capacity for improvement, capacity for commitment and method. In this way, transformational learning is fostered and consolidated through alignment with the company's objectives.

Corporate voluntary work

Professional teams from corporations collaborate as volunteers in the foundation's different activities and campaigns either in person, or virtually.

Out commitment

All organisations that collaborate with the foundation:

  • Have free access to the evolution of the projects they sponsor.
  • Receive information periodically about Psico Ballet's activities and detailed information about their project.
  • Receive the Fundación Psico Ballet's annual report and accounting information.
  • Have their logos present on all the foundation's campaigns and written or digital media.

Tax incentives

All donations made by corporations to Fundación Psico Ballet benefit from tax incentives as stipulated in the LISMI law, according to the type of collaboration.

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