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The Inclusive Performing Arts Teaching Qualification

  • At Psico Ballet, we give courses to people who want to train as inclusive performing arts teachers*.

Inclusive means that everybody can take part. People with or without diversity.

  • There are two level courses. In them, they teach what we do in class, how to give a class and who the classes are intended for.
  • When you finish both courses, we give you a diploma.
  • These courses are aimed for people without diversity or with physical and / or sensory diversity. For people with intellectual diversity there are other courses at Psicoballet.

Monographic Workshops

  • Psico Ballet Foundation offers monographic workshops at weekends.

Monographic means that we study a single subject in detail.

  • If you want to take part, please fill in the registration form and send it to
  • Our courses department will confirm your registration.
  • These workshops are open to people with intellectual, physical and / or sensory diversity.
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Inclusive scene. La Caixa Social Project. Manuel de Falla Courses. Granada International Festival of Music and Dance.

  • Psico Ballet collaborates with this courses every year.
  • The course is held in Granada as part of the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance.
  • The subjects you study in the courses are inclusive performing arts and social inclusion*.

Social inclusion means that everybody has the same rights in society.

  • Every year, we invite a recognized choreographer or stage director to give a workshop.
  • The pupils work with the teacher during one week and then, the pupils perform a show which is open for the public to see.
  • This workshop has the support of Granada City Council's, Centro Cultural Gacía Lorca, SuperArt Association, Heat and Coffe Association, and Aldeas Infantiles.  
  • The Course is open to people with sensory, physical or/and intellectual diversity.
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Escena Inclusiva
Foto Teresa Montellano.

Shift dance project.

  • It is an international project for inclusive dance teachers with professional intellectual dancers.
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Shift dance project
Foto Teresa Montellano.

Máster in Advanced Music Therapy and Applications. Autonomous University of Madrid.

  • Psicoballet collaborates in this Master.