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The Inclusive Performing Arts Teaching Qualification

  • At Psico Ballet, we give courses to people who want to train as inclusive performing arts teachers*.

Inclusive means that everybody can take part. People with or without a disability.

  • There are 5 subjects about Psico Ballet. They teach you about what we do in class, how to give a class and who the classes are intended for.
  • When you finish the course, we give you a diploma. With this diploma you can work as an assistant or teacher in inclusive performing arts.
  • If you want to register for the course, please fill in the application form and send it to us with your CV to The member of our staff who is in charge of these courses will confirm your registration by telephone or by email.

Monographic Workshops

  • Psico Ballet Foundation offers monographic workshops at weekends.

Monographic means that we study a single subject in detail.

  • If you want to take part, please fill in the registration form and send it to
  • Our courses department will confirm your registration.

Social Theatre. La Caixa Social Project. Manuel de Falla Courses. Granada International Festival of Music and Dance.

  • Psico Ballet Foundation helps to set up the Manuel de Falla courses every year.
  • We offer these courses in Granada as part of the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance.
  • The subjects you study in the courses are inclusive performing arts and social inclusion*.

Social inclusion means that everybody has the same rights in society.

  • Every year, we invite a famous choreographer or stage director to give a workshop.
  • The pupils work with this person for one week and then pupils perform a show which is open for the public to see.
  • This workshop has the support of Granada City Council's Equality and Social Welfare Department for the Elderly, SuperArt Association and Aldeas Infantiles.