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  • In performing arts, you need creativity and discipline to learn and improve many things:
  • Motivation
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Posture
  • Rhythm
  • Autonomy (being able to do things for yourself)

This type of learning makes people's lives better.

  • At Psico Ballet, there are some pupils with diversity and some pupils without.
  • Artistic education begins from 3 years of age.
  • Pupils are in different groups according to their age.
  • There are at most 15 pupils in a group.
  • We want to improve our pupils' quality of life through artistic learning.
  • At Psico Ballet, we have a good relationship with our pupils' families. There is also good communication with the occupational, and educational centres where our pupils work.
  • Psico Ballet has a team of psychologists who monitor each pupil's progress individually.
  • All our teachers have a qualification from our own foundation - Inclusive Performing Arts Teacher.

This is what we do in class:

  • We work on personal abilities.

For example:
We improve body coordination, memory and improvisation.
Pupils create their own new scenes and movements in class.
We work on self-improvement and self-esteem*.
Self esteem means feeling good about yourself.

Each pupil is monitored individually..
We improve body coordination, memory and improvisation.

  • We work on social abilities such as having a positive attitude, working in a team, communication and empathy*.

Empathy means understanding how other people feel.

  • We work on artistic abilities: At Psico Ballet we train people to become artists in the performing arts.