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Inclusive performing arts teaching qualification

The "INCLUSIVE PERFORMING ARTS TEACHING QUALIFICATION" is a qualification offered by Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León (FPBML) which, over the course of five consecutive courses divided into two training modules, covers all their methodology developed over 30 years' of experience.
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Monographic workshops

Fundación Psico Ballet offers weekend monographic workshops given by experts who are invited from different areas of the performing arts.
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Master in Advanced Music Therapy and Applications. Autonoma University of Madrid.

Master's degree that provides students the opportunity to live an enriching personal experience, while acquiring the training that will turn them into future professionals in this field. For this, the Master has important alliances with numerous institutions such as the La Paz Hospital, Maite León Psico Ballet Foundation or Ramón y Cajal Hospital. This training has an eminently practical nature that combines theoretical training with two internships.

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SHIFT Dance project is an educational and artistic collaborative project between Northem Ballet (United Kingdom), Misiconi Dance Company (Netherlands) and the Fundación psico Ballet Maite León. This project funded by Erasmus + will provide online educational and artistic tools for the training of professional dancers with diversity.

Social theatre. La Caixa Social Project. Manuel de Falla Courses. Granada International Festival of Music and Dance

Each year, Fundación Psico Ballet collaborates with the Manuel de Falla Courses, as part of the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance, by providing artistic coordination and by giving performing arts and social inclusion workshops. Each year, three prestigious choreographers and social theatre directors are invited to give a workshop, in which creative processes and improvisation are developed, culminating in the creation of different pieces which are shown to the public of Granada as part of the festival. The workshop is supported by Granada City Council's Equality and Social Welfare Department for the Elderly, SuperArt Association and Aldeas Infantiles.

Photos by Teresa Montellano from Cursos Escena Inclusiva. Obra Social "La Caixa".

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