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The Maite Leon Psico Ballet Foundation is a private non-profit organisation which was founded in 1986. Its work centres on extensive training in the performing arts of people with physical, psychological, intellectual, developmental or sensory diversity using a method developed in-house which has been registered as "Maite Leon Psico Ballet Method" and which consists of dance, theatre, music, percussion, singing, and facial and body make-up classes in order to fully train actor-dancers with diversity.

comillasPsycho ballet is art for movement, creativity for the mind. comillas
Maite León

To this end, new educational strategies for learning development are employed which promote among pupils a positive perception of self, self-motivation, creativity, initiative, perseverance, responsibility, autonomy, teamwork and respect for diversity, among other qualities.

The foundation was founded by Maite Leon, a dancer, choreographer and the mother of a daughter with intellectual disability. Throughout her career at the Foundation, over 600 pupils with diversity and over 2,000 professionals in the field of special education and the performing arts have been trained. Their shows have been performed in Europe, United States and Canada in front of over a million spectators.

At present, there are four dance companies which are touring shows with different formats.

Fritsch Company is a professional inclusive contemporary dance company, with shows aimed at adults such as "Love Doesn’t Last Forever (Romeos and Juliets)", "Table for Three and Programmed Obsolescence"; the Psico Ballet Company offers family shows such as "A Sea of Dreams" and "Jet Lag"; The Company School with the show "HorAs" (Hours) and the Contemporaries Company of over 60s dancers with their first theatre-dance show "Under the Carpet".