Volunteers and Friends of Psico Ballet

Access to Lectura Fácil

The foundation has a qualified staff of volunteers which come from the fields of disability, art and business (corporate volunteers). These are people who are trained in the philosophy of Psico Ballet, which is principally based on the discipline of the performing arts, respect and the enjoyment of working with other people.
At the foundation, the main ways to participate as a volunteer are:

  1. Classroom teaching support.
  2. Tour and show support for the companies.
  3. Support at rehearsals.
  4. Support for project management.

The Fundación Psico Ballet is associated to the Madrid Regional Government volunteer programme.

Collaborate, contribute, become a part of Psico Ballet.

If you like our working methods and you believe in our project, you can collaborate with us.
As a result, we will be able to continue developing new educational, training and artistic projects to enable the full development of disabled people and others who are at risk of social exclusion, at all stages of their lives.
You can collaborate on an individual basis or become a Friend of Psico Ballet.

With your help, we will be able to:

  • Continue with the artistic training and personal development of disabled people.
  • Award grants to low-income pupils.
  • Buy educational class material.
  • Engage with different groups who are at risk of social exclusion through artistic education.
  • Support recently set-up organisations.
  • Carry out different research and creative projects.
  • Create and develop new shows.
  • Promote the employment and social-professional inclusion of disabled people in the world of the performing arts.

TAX INCENTIVES: Donations made to the Fundación Psico Ballet benefit from tax incentives stipulated by law.